Does your brand look bright on-screen but dull when you hit print?

You’re not imagining things and you’re not alone: there are some colors that digital printers can never produce. These same colors are not printable in most print services, such as postcards or brochures. What are these crazy colors, and why do they look so dull on your fabric?


Printers use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) base colors to make other colors. (You remember the basic gist of how this works from kindergarten class.) Unfortunately, CMYK isn’t as robust as the yellow, blue, and red of our childhoods. Using CMYK, there is no way to make bright cobalt blues, bright greens, or a vibrant royal purple. There is simply no recipe for combining CMYK that will make these colors. These crazy colors look great on screen (in RGB), but will forever be disappointing coming out of the printer and onto your fabric.

Here's a quick overview of colors that look great on-screen, but terrible printed on a fabric.

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